That thing we call "religion" in the West is a faint shadow of the world of religion that existed in Antiquity. The peoples of ancient Rome, for example, had a religious life that touched every aspect of every day. We cannot comprehend the depth of connection that those people had with their ancestors, their neighbors, and their world through the force of their religion.

A century ago, arguments about religion revolved about which form of Christian Protestantism one should follow, but today the arguments query whether any form of organized religion has fundamental value. The battle lines have been drawn between the atheists and the true believers: no amount of debate will dislodge adherents on either side. What no one ever seems to ask is whether there might not be other forms of religion that are both beneficial and fulfilling.

This site is devoted to the exploration of the expression of faith. The actions and the words of ritual are captured and pondered. The mechanics and dynamics of religious expression on the heart, mind, and soul are considered. There is no room here to debate authority or dogma: there is only space to fill with action, expression, and impression.

There is some value to addressing the faith of the realm, both in its historical aspects and its philosophical biases. However, the bulk of the material that will be covered here reflects a perspective of religion as a personal tool for growth, integration with communities, and connection with the environment. The sources for this material will come from historical examples, modern expressions of faith, and personal observations.